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Free Plans Download - Kids Wooden Playset

Hot4CAD - Kids Wooden Playset Left-Front

Hot4CAD - Kids Wooden Playset Front

Hot4CAD - Kids Wooden Playset Right-Front   declares this project the number 1 "Free Plan of 2009" with 9,217 hits thru their website.

5' x 5' Tower.
Overall dimensions are 17' x 10'.
Bolt ends are recessed for child safety.
Tower deck is better supported than most home decks.
8" high sandbox under tower.
Sandbox access blocked on swing side.
Ladder access to tower on one side.
Child safe railing around tower sides.
Tarp over tower gives sun and rain protection.
Childs bench in tower play area.
A slide, 2 swings, 1 child safety swing and outrigger swing can handle 5 or more kids.
You can choose manufactured swing products other than the ones we used.

The Plans Include:
A lumber shopping list. (how many of what length 2x4's to buy, etc.)
A lumber cut list. (cut this many 2x4's this long, etc.)
A parts shopping list. (how many of what size bolts to buy, etc.)
A price break down. (how much each piece cost when we designed-built the playset)
Instructions for building the Playset.

Plans are in PDF format. There are (9) 8.5" x 11" (standard printer paper size) pages.
You can download the plans and print them on your home printer.

Approximate cost to build this project is $640.00.
The playset can be done in a single weekend by 1 person (with occasional help).

All materials for this project were purchased from The Home Depot Timberbilt Swing Components.

While the plans are free we do ask that if you build a playset using them that you email us a picture of your family in front of the playset as a form of thank you.

Free Plans Download - Kids Wooden Playset

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[FAQ]    Can I sell your plans? No! Use link above.

[FAQ]    Having trouble downloading the file? This file gets downloaded up to 2,000 times a month. The server may be busy, please try again later. Please do not send me an email that the download is broken.

[FAQ]    Having trouble opening the file? Update your adobe reader software with the latest version. Please do not send me an email that the file is damaged.

[FAQ]    Yes, the plans can be modified/customized. Regular billing rates apply. Please do not send me an email asking me to customize the plans for free.

[FAQ]    No, I do not have other free playset plans available for download.

[FAQ]    Why do I charge so much for the plans? The plans are FREE. You have to buy the materials to build it.

[FAQ]    How recent is the pricelist included with the plans? All items were purchased at Home Depot in 2007.

[FAQ]    Can I make modifications to the playset? Yes, make any changes that you want. Build it any way you want.

[FAQ]    Can I use different parts other than those listed? Yes, use any parts you want.

[FAQ]    Do I have to buy the parts from Home Depot? No, that is where we obtained the parts but you can shop elsewhere.

[FAQ]    My Home Depot didn't have everything in stock. Can I order the parts from you? No, I provide drafting and modeling services. I do not sell parts. Use the Internet and order smaller pieces. Go to another lumber supply for the bigger stuff.