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AutoCAD Drafting & SketchUp Modeling Services

>> This site was last updated on September 07, 2015 <<

Hot4CAD - Chip Harper

Are you looking for an experienced contractor to provide AutoCAD Drafting or SketchUp Modeling Services on a Freelance, Outsource or Telecommute basis?
I have been providing freelance AutoCAD Drafting Services and SketchUp Modeling Services to clients throughout the United States and Canada since 2005.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Gilbert Harper, but most folks just call me "Chip".
I reside in Hayesville, North Carolina (NC) , just a few minutes North of Hiawassee, Georgia (GA).
I am a full time AutoCAD Draftsman, GearHead or CAD Monkey if you will.

Perhaps you just need Freelance AutoCAD Drafting Services on a short term basis while you search for a new employee?
Are you looking to acquire AutoCAD Drafting Services on an "As Needed Basis"? Maybe just need some help on a single project or don't have enough work to fill a full time position?
Are you short on time and need SketchUp Modeling services? Perhaps you just need help rendering a SketchUp Model?
Maybe you are an Engineer or Architect and you don't want to spend time dealing with the software/hardware issues and are looking to establish to long term working relationship?
Not sure how to get your work completed in a telecommute situation? I can work with you so you are comfortable with the arrangement.

Whatever your AutoCAD Drafting or SketchUp Modeling outsourcing needs are, I would like to be the guy that gets your work.

I use legally licensed versions AutoCAD and SketchUp Pro. My computer hardware is current and more than enough to handle the software.
I do this full time, not on weekends and evenings after work. You can focus on design and let me handle the AutoCAD Drafting or SketchUp Modeling.
If you have existing AutoCAD drafting standards I will match them. If not, I can create a standardized AutoCAD template file and provide you with a copy.

My computer is normally "Online" from 8am to 8pm EST, Monday-Saturday for your convenience. I would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.
Please send me an email or give me a phone call so I can bid your project. I know you will be pleased with my work.

Some of the benefits of hiring a Freelance or Outsource AutoCAD Drafting and Sketchup Modeling Services Contractor:
  * No need to mess with the usual new hire paperwork.
  * No FICA, workmans comp, unemployment or benefits cost to you, simply 1099 at the end of the year.
  * No need for an additional workstation.
  * No need to purchase an additional software license for short term needs.
  * No software upgrade costs.
  * No software training costs.

My drafting background includes:
  * ADA Compliance   * ALTA/ACSM Surveys   * Arbor Plans
  * Architectural Plans   * As Built Drafting   * Audio Visual (A/V) Plans
  * AutoCAD to SketchUp Conversions   * Barbeque Plans   * Barn Plans
  * Bathroom Plans   * Building Automation Plans   * Closed-Circuit TV (CCTV) Plans
  * Commercial Elevation Plans   * Commercial Floor Plans   * Computer Network Plans
  * Control Systems   * DDC Control Systems   * Deck Plans
  * Design Patent Drawings   * Dock Plans   * DWF to AutoCAD Conversions
  * Driveway Plans   * Electrical Plans   * Electrical Schematics
  * Electronic Security/Entry Plans   * Elevation Plans   * Emergency Evacuation Plans
  * Facility Plans   * Fence Plans   * Fire Alarm Plans
  * Fire Evacuation Plans   * Floor Plans   * Foundation Plans
  * Garage Plans   * Gazebo Plans   * GeoModeling
  * Google SketchUp Modeling   * Handicap Accessible   * Heavy Timber Plans
  * Hollow Core Plans   * House Plans   * HVAC Control Plans
  * HVAC Duct Plans   * HVAC Piping Plans   * Kitchen Plans
  * Landscaping Plans   * Life Safety Plans   * Lighting Control Plans
  * Line Diagrams   * Log Cabin Plans   * Log Home Plans
  * Log Tower Plans   * Low Voltage Plans   * Markup Drafting
  * Mechanical Drawings   * Misc Permit Drawings   * Mortgage Surveys
  * Outdoor Kitchen Plans   * Parking Plans   * Paper to AutoCAD Conversions
  * Patent Drafting   * Patio Plans   * PDF to AutoCAD Conversions
  * Pergola Plans   * Pier Plans   * Piping Plans
  * Plumbing Plans   * Pole Barn Plans   * Pool Plans
  * Porch Plans   * Porte Cochere Plans   * Portico Plans
  * Post and Beam Plans   * Presentation Graphics   * Product Engineering Drawings
  * Property Diagrams   * Property Surveys   * PTO Drafting
  * Real Estate Plans   * Red Line Drafting   * Reflected Ceiling Plans
  * Remodeling Plans   * Rendered Drawings   * Renovation Plans
  * Residential Additions   * Residential Plans   * Retaining Wall Plans
  * Riser Diagrams   * Schematics   * Security System Plans
  * Site Development Plans   * SketchUp Rendering   * Sketchup to AutoCAD Conversions
  * SketchUp Walk Through Animations   * SketchUp Full Scale 3D Modeling   * Space Planning
  * Stair Plans   * Structural Detailing   * Structural Plans
  * Survey Plans   * Tilt Wall Plans   * Timber Frame Plans
  * Trellise Plans   * Utility Patent Drawings   * Utility Plans
  * Water Features   * Wireless Network Plans   * Wiring Diagrams

Where can you download drafting samples:
  * Please visit this page Download Drafting Samples

How does outsourcing work:
  * Please visit this page How it works

What are my billing rates:
  * Please visit this page How it works

How do you pay for my services:
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How do you contact me:
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What if you need to have a meeting on location:
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Got the feeling you have read this web page before:
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